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Dedicated to Financial Brokers

Broker Solutions exists to serve the needs and objectives of Irish Financial Brokers and their clients. Broker Solutions implements best international practice in the creation of its Investment Solutions designed specifically for Financial Brokers.

4 Year 100% Capital Secure Swiss Bond 2

4 Year 100% Capital Secure World Equity All Weather Bond

4 Year Swiss Market Bonus Builder Bond 2

5 Year Swiss Market Kick Out Bond

Four Quality Investments available until 30 August 2024
(or earlier if fully subscribed)


Broker Solutions will become an important source of Education and CPD for Financial Broker firms. Online webinars, tutorials and examinations will assist Financial Brokers in completing the training required to advise on increasingly complex financial solutions.


Broker Solutions will become a hub for Financial Brokers that want to utilise technology to improve their sales and marketing efforts with clients and/or to improve their administrative and operational efficiency.

Investment Bonds

Broker Solutions inventively creates leading Investment Solutions designed specifically to meet the needs and objectives of Financial Brokers and their clients.

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Head of Distribution:

Contact Number:


Niall Tinney

086 253 3798

Business Development Manager:

Contact Number:


Alan Aspell

087 397 8234

Broker Operations Manager:

Contact Number:


Lara Coyle

01 969 3125

Broker Operations Assistant:

Contact Number:


Áine Quinn

01 435 2319